Created by Kenichi Yoneda (Kynd) in collaboration with Tokyo ‘visual label’ BRDG, [BRDG020] Lilium is an audio-visual experiment that combines Kynd’s research into watercolour simulation with the music by Yaporigami/Yu Miyashita.

The video draws from previous work done for Sawako (video 1, video 2) and is composed of many individual objects in openFrameworks that are fed with FFT transformed sound data and drawn graphics onto two FBOs. One of the FBOs is just used as a canvas or paper for rendering (on which, watercolor-like breeding is applied with shaders), and the other serves as a force map and used to move the pixels in the rendered image to add water looking distortion (the effect is visible when bubble or ripple like thing happens).

The process includes drawing individual objects, splashes of the paints on the paper and the force map, followed by the shaders breeding the paints on the paper and finally the distortion is applied to the image with the force map. Parameters for each graphical objects are individually configurable with GUI (ofxUI) which is primarily for experimenting. For the final rendering all the value changes were hard coded (such as increase parameter A from 1.0 to 2.0 between 0:23 to 0:30) making all of the events automatic. Kenichi plans to use the GUI for future VJ-ing or realtime performance.

Full screen + headphones recommended.

Kenichi Yoneda (Kynd) | Yaporigami/Yu Miyashita | BRDG


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