ELEKTRA 16 / POST-AUDIO – second wave of artists

The 16th edition of ELEKTRA, the International Digital Art Festival will be held May 13 to 17, 2015, at USINE C, which will be hosting three evenings of performances, promising the public an extraordinary experience. With the power of sound as the theme ‒ captured by the title POST-AUDIO, in the sense of “beyond audio” or beyond what we know about sound ‒ ELEKTRA will offer audiovisual and sound programming that explores the influence of sound on our psyche and the phenomenon of listening.

Main video for ELEKTRA (Montreal Digital Art Festival) 2015 campaign by Baillat.

ELEKTRA 16 | POST-AUDIO | MAIN VIDEO from Baillat. on Vimeo.

Production: Baillat.
Concept and direction: Jean-Sébastien Baillat.
With the collaboration of : Patrick Trudeau, Jean-Constant Guigue,
Catherine D’Amours, Guillaume Lavalée, Marie-Claude Jalbert.
Cinematography : Simon Duhamel et Jean-Philippe Bernier
Music and sound design : Philippe Rochefort featuring Organ Mood
Director assistant : Patrick Trudeau
Production coordination : Marie-Soleil Patry
Editing : JS Baillat
Motion design: Patrick Trudeau, Hugues Clément.
Stylist : Marie-Claude Jalbert
Make up : Marie-Josée Galibert
Accessories & background : Marie-Claude Jalbert et Jean-Constant Guigue
Art direction : JS Baillat
Hair stylist: Mathieu Mainville
Colorization: Post-Moderne

The offical site – baillat.ca

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