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From 1997, Eyebeam had been a non-profit art and technology center based on exposing broad and diverse audiences to new technologies and media arts. The main aim was some kind of simultaneously establishing and demonstrating new media as a significant genre of cultural production.

Eyebeam became a starp ptalform for more than 245 fellowships and residencies for artists and creative technologists. Although has run an active education program for everybody, with no limits, and even for artists’ professional development and community outreach; has mounted a mass series of public programs. Eyebeam produce nearly 4 exhibitions and 40 workshops, performances, and events every year.

Now, Eyebeam offers residencies and fellowships for artists and technologists working in a wide range of media. There are up to 12 resident artists and fellows onsite at Eyebeam’s production spaces in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, developing new projects and creating work for open dissemination through online, primarily open-source, publication as well as a robust calendar of public programming that includes free exhibitions, lectures and panels, participatory workshops, live performances and educational series.

Eyebeam Fellows are artists, hackers, and engineers who spearhead new research and develop exciting new work at the point where art and technology meet. Eyebeam Fellows regularly develop innovative and creative open source technology within an environment that fosters collaborative development. Fellows lead public seminars, exhibitions, and educational programming, and help direct Eyebeam’s Research Groups. These individuals are selected in recognition of their exceptional talent and the belief that a sustained research period is critical for the development of new ideas and innovative work—goals central to Eyebeam’s mission.

Eyebeam Residencies support the creative research, production and presentation of initiatives querying art, technology and culture. The 5 month residency is a period of concentration and immersion in artistic investigation, daring research or production of visionary, experimental applications and projects. Past initiatives have ranged from moving image, sound and physical computing works to technical prototypes, installations and public interventions.

Eyebeam is an art and technology center that provides a fertile context and state-of-the-art tools for digital research and experimentation. It is a lively incubator of creativity and thought, where artists and technologists actively engage with culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time. Eyebeam challenges convention, celebrates the hack, educates the next generation, encourages collaboration, freely offers its contributions to the community, and invites the public to share in a spirit of openness: open source, open content and open distribution.

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