Nexus wunderkind director Johnny Kelly pulls together 100+ artists, designers, craftspeople, architects, engineers, scientists and musicians; assigns each of them a scene to create, then merges it all into an hyperactive and hypnotic brand film for Dropbox thru 72andSunny.

From the Nexus site: “Involving so many contributors based all over the world, from Patagonia to Pittsburgh to Paris, was a logistical feat for Nexus’ production team. This approach was a good fit for the project, using Dropbox was the best way to realise a collaboration on this scale.

“The film highlights a range of techniques from live action (both studio and location), stills photography, 2D animation, 3D animation, illustration, stop motion and even knitting.

“With so many styles and techniques, Nexus needed to hang the film on a visual framework. Using a series of simple shapes the film guides your eye from start to finish; opening with a rectangular blank piece of paper, and finishing with the circular Dropbox syncing icon.”

Agency: 72andSunny
Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole
Group Creative Director: Matt Murphy
Creative Director/Designer: Robert Teague
Creative Director/Writer: Claire Morrisey
Senior Writer: Dave Carlson
Designer: Nick Marx
Senior Film Producer: Angelo Mazzamuto
Senior Film Producer: Perrin Rausch
Film Producer: Emilie Talermo

Design/Production Company: Nexus
Director: Johnny Kelly
Executive Creative Director: Chris O’Reilly
Senior Producer: Isobel Conroy
Production Manager: Lucy Banks
Production Manager: Thomas Cullen
Studio Director of Photography: Matthew Day
Locations Director of Photography: Matthew Fox
Project Lead: Elliott Kajdan
Project Lead: David Walker
Editor (60): David Slade
Editor (30): Nick Gartner
3-D Animation: Eaton Crous
3-D Animation: Joao Monteiro
2-D Animation: Tom Bunker
2-D Animation: James Hatley
Compositing: Bence Varga
Compositing: Pete Baxter
Postproduction: Time Based Arts
Compositor: Sheldon Gardner
Colorist: Simone Grattarola
Music & Sound Design: Human
Mix: Formosa Group
Mixer: John Bolen
Mixer: Hermann Thurmann
Executive Producer: Lauren Cascio
Assistant: Jeff King

Via Stash Media

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