Hi, Lumens, don’t miss a good chance! Tobis Film challenges you:

“A Quick Welcome To Professionals

If you are a motion graphic designer, animator or visual-effects expert and would like to participate in this private project, simply click the Get Access Button in the header and sign up. We’ll be quick and send you a project-invite within 24 hours.

Short Description

Close your eyes, remember the great feeling when you enter  the movie theatre and settle down into your comfortable seat with a big bucket of fresh popcorn…then the magic begins.

TOBIS FILM is one of the oldest and most active German independent film distributors. Founded in 1971 by Horst Wendlandt, TOBIS has so far brought more than 400 selected movies to cinemas in German-speaking countries, which have been watched by more than 225 million film-enthusiasts. TOBIS FILM specializes in distributing movies that combine outstanding quality with great entertainment value.

jovoto is a first-mover platform for the crowdsourcing of creative services and also one of the most sustainable and experienced platforms worldwide.

Your Task

TOBIS FILM is looking to re-design its pre-roll/animated logo which is shown before every film they bring to the cinemas. Theypresent this incredibly cool task to creatives worldwide in order to source unseen and characteristic visual concepts for their new pre-roll/animated logo. The challenge is to find an innovative, yet cinematic visual approach which fills the cinema-goer with excited anticipation and at the same time communicates the individuality and exclusive heritage of the TOBIS brand.

This is – even for jovoto standards – a once in a life-time opportunity to show your skills at the beginning of great films in movie theaters all over Germany (and German speaking countries). Over and over again!

So that’s a wrap from us, ready, set, go – give us your best shot!”

Via jovoto

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