(from the director OCnotes – Hum Drum Killas)
S/O to all the officers in uniform who live true to the words, “To Serve And Protect”. Thank you for all of your efforts to improve safety and genuinely keep the peace.
To all the officers in uniform who only serve and protect themselves…to those filled with hate…those unqualified to possess a firearm… unfit to be an authority figure… to those who have unjustly taken the lives of others…and continue to go without consequence……may your pig body rot upon the floors of Pandemonium, and eyes open for eternity.Please do not play this on your laptop speakers. For fuck’s sake.

Please do not play this on your laptop speakers. For fuck’s sake.


Main – Otis Calvin III
Cop1 – Terrell Fox
Cop2 – Gary Lundstrom
Victim1 – Astro King Phoenix
Victim2 – Lord Vintage
Victim3 – Vandell Harris

Director/DoP/Editor – Stephan Gray
1st AC/Phantom Op – Noah Abe
Phantom Op/Tech – Ryan Hills
Movi Operator – Justin Brown
Underwater Tech – Sunshine Whitton
Grip/PA – Kenny Loewy
Producer – Zack Tupper
Associate Producer – Kyle Seago
Firearm Technician – Wade Gaugren
Lighting Tech – Josh Eveline
Dog Owners – Jeff Skierka & Roslyn Hyde

Special Thanks
– Sunshine Whitton
– Bert Skura
– Strange&Wonderful
– Freefly Systems
– Melissa Gray
– Tyler Doran
– Eagle Son Williams
– John Laughery
– Tred Baylis
– Shawn Shelton


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