In the silence of the shade, comes light. In the belly of the theater emotions burst forth, the dome mechanized and balconies are electrified. The scene is a spectator of his room, full of color. A mystical ride the animesque ballet that takes to the imaginary border. At the edge of a gentle night, the dream is lived with open eyes. A passage to elsewhere, where magic is real through the pupil of the dreamer. An ode to childhood, an illusion of shadows. The theater sign with the relief, finally some light.

The Port Louis Theatre Project

Creative workshop by motionwip & electocaïne
Curated & produced by Move For Art
Filmed by AVS Cinematography
4k video shot on the Canon 50mm 1.2 with 1DC / 16-35mmm mkII 2.8 / 2.0 135mm / 2.8 27-70mm mkII

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