XANADU by AV Exciters

Our latest videomapping for Palais Rohan (Strasbourg)
Visuals: Jeremie Bellot; Josselin Beaumont; Sebastien Schnabel
Sound: Matthieu Mary

Video editing: 128db David Htz; Bartosch Salmanski

Multitouch table realised in AV Lab // Fablab Strasbourg

Thanks to Céline Marcle and all the Museum Team for their work.

About AVExciters:

AVE is an agency composed of Architects and Designers specialized in digital prototyping and new technologies. At the border between real and virtual, it tends through the realization of micro-architectures and interactive installations to the advent of non-standard architecture. The group includes audiovisual as an architectural expression tool with the ability to reveal the quality of a place or a project.

AVExciters are : Sébastien Schnabel / Josselin Fouché / Jérémie Bellot / Anne-Sophie Acomat

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