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First of all, when Lumen team decided to appear on the waves of the Internet our content-gurus begin to accumulate and filter all information in the area to post the most interesting and useful. It wasn’t a problem at the first sight, but the second week of work shows us that “Akella miss his prey”! And we decided to look for information on the FB and other social networks.

It was a great experience to contact a lot of groups, but most of them were as badly kept gardens. Even there were groups with no administration, but with the numbering auditory. Those groups can’t be the source of actual information, so we were looking forward find something outstanding.

And Lumen has found everything needed.

These 3 groups to develop yourself as a VJ artist:

+ are updating regularly;

+ have a broad international admin center;

+ created by one lifeful team, have a recognizable style;

+ filter advertisement strictly in accordance with the sense of the group;

+ is open for collaboration with any member of the group, besides members are active and often helped each other like experts and real friends;

+ line up with top art news and trends;

+ no spam, no needless information.

If you sceptically checked all those points, just try to evaluate those groups by yourself. They are ready for any tests.

Oh, really, we haven’t mentions they titles! Here they go:

WORLDWIDE VIDEO MAPPING – International Video Mapping Group for VJ & Media Artist.

VJ’S VISUAL ARTIST’S – International facebook group for VJs and Visual Artis’s.

VIDEO LOOPS VJ CLIPS – Explore new format of Digital content. Video Footages & VJ Loops.

P.S. Lumen recommends these groups because of style, content and atmosphere. Please, recommend some more good groups for Lumen to represent here! Let’s illuminate the art together…

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