Magazine about New Digital Art & Interactive Media: Projection Mapping, VJing, Video & Interactive Art


Advertise with Us! How popular is our digital magazine? More 1000  visitors daily. IT IS BIGGER THAN 72% of all other websites in the world. is a medium-sized website focuses on Video Art, VJing, Video Mapping Show, Video Projection Installations, Video Art Performances, Video Content Production etc.   We focus especially on targeted audience, and it guarantees straight and punctual effects for your products. Approximately, 62% of our audience may become your clients today. Our readers are aged from 18 till 55.  Their occupation VJs, visual artists, show producers, music concerts, performances, light designers, filmmakers, motion graphics designers, TV shows and directors.

In 2017, we published our first printed Issue and presenting in Live Performance Meeting in the Netherlands. Lumen Magazine also are distributing on vj festivals and Vj events around the world for free. It is published once a year in 4000 copies. Full color printing Format: B5. Number of Pages 100. Most of our works in Lumen our  Team do for free or based of non-profit terms. Any Donate or any Advertiser will help us to improve our service and distribute Lumen Magazine for wider Audience. Below You will find the Advertising plans:


Advertising Plans for Digital Sharing


Header Banner 720×90 on Main Page – 1290 EUR Netto / 1 Month

Header Banner  720×90 on Category Page – 890  EUR Netto / 1 Month

Widget Banner 300×600 on Category Page – 1290  EUR Netto / 1 Month

Promo Article + Social Media Sharing – 1890 EUR Netto

Interview + Social Media Sharing – 2490 EUR Netto


Advertising Plans for Printed Edition


Interview 4-6 Pages – of one of your artists about new tendencies and trends in your business. – 3890 EUR Netto

Promo Article 2-3 Pages – Company/Artist Portfolio & Description – 2890 EUR Netto

Advertising Block 1 Page –  inside the magazine on one of 10th till 90th Page – 1290 EUR Netto

Advertising Block 1 Page –  on Back title Page – 3500 EUR Netto

Advertising Block 1 Page –  on Front title Page – 4300 EUR Netto – Contact Us!

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To order one of our plans please contact to email: or direct via Facebook to my account Eva Fechten .

Thank You, Your Eva