Who we are?




Lumen – is a video, visual art digital magazine supported by independent artists of Spectr Media Group and Partners. Lumen Magazine aimed at configuration of mutually beneficial and efficient relationship by creating new communication channels among different    subjects of art, media and business spheres. Our Mission is based on development and promotion of audio-visual art in all of cultural and technical  issues.




Lumen Magazine

is a comprehensive resource for preserving and presenting video art new technologies. As its name implicitly says the magazine is devoted to shed the light on the video industry new tendency and create community of those artists who would like to develop it further. It is a unique project which is needed to educate target audience on existing trends in projection video mapping, visual performances, art installations and other types visuals. The modern reality dictates to all audiences to be aware of new visuals in order to be in trend.

The magazine is full of ideas and technologies that are cutting edge technologies and fun-to-do, it will appeal to real artists and professionals ranging from industry newcomers to video visuals pioneers and veterans. Articles guide the reader how to deal with new trends, approaches, techniques and software programmes existing in the industry, it gives main news and describes famous artists offering tips and tricks for making breakthroughs in the industry. A variety of archival techniques are introduced so you can decide what to use in your own works. As an extra bonus, each issue includes information about different events.