We support Visual Artist’s and Festivals and other Vjs projects dedicated to visual culture, 80% of our time we are doing it for free. But if You want to promote your project/idea/events – write us: office@lumen.club and we will prepare for You a good media plan of your project tasks and pricing plan. For Aim achievement and Mission completion, Lumen Magazine uses business-instruments, informational campaigns and marketing tools. Lumen Magazine keeps in touch online and offline with any kind of auditory within its competence.

Core Audience of Lumen Magazine

General Description
The people with degree in arts, design and(or) programming, visualization technologies and supplement, image, animation, light and virtuality processing are the main part of our core audience. They prone to analyze usability-saturated websites and spend some time with the interface and articles. The core audience works with banners with target products proposed on the relevant advertiser’s content because of individual specification of banners and absence of banner blindness.


25-34 35-44 18-24 45-54
58% 26% 14% 2%


The most of the traffic we receive from Europe and America. If you’re interested in certain yours country, e-mail us, and we’ll create a specified media-plan for your request!
We focus especially on targeted audience, and it guarantees straight and punctual effects for your advertised  or promotional products. Approximately 68% of our audience may become your clients today.

We work on the numerous enlargement of our projects traffic every day. You get more than a simple advertising space for banner or article, you get stable click-through for 2 years at least as you order our media places. It leads your website and your products to the top of search engines’ rates.


Traffic per Day

Sessions  Pages per Session Average duration of session
2000 – 3000 7.5 00:01:20


Additional conditions

You’ll get 10% off if you order the advertising placement for a half year.
You’ll get 18% off if you order the advertising placement for a year.
Furthermore, you can get other discounts for a media-plan “Festival” order if you propose accommodation and other benefits for Lumen journalists during your festival.

All content of banners must be adjusted and confirmed in case of advertising placement order. The Company Spectr Media Group declines all responsibilities for presented materials for placement by advertiser. The copyright of decoy must be adhered.
The time is based on quantity of banner views and Advertising article views in the high priority (The Top-News), After the placement termination, the advertising article will be replaced to the standard form placement and stay on the website for at least 1,5 years from the day it was placed with all anchor links saved.