The 14th century Cathedral of Vilnius, Lithuania became canvas for a magical 3D mapping fairy tale “Sophie’s Starmap”, a majestic spectacle that covered over 1216 square meters. “Miracles” visual arts’ team partnered up with emerging music producer Liudas Lazauskas from “Roe Deers” to tell a tale for both adults and children alike. The main character – little girl named Sophie – falls asleep and has a fantastic dream, in which the Moon takes her across the entire universe. Meeting the planets teaches the girls timeless lessons about vanity, skin-deep beauty and fear of losing someone you care about.

3D mapping projection “Sofia’s Starmap” from Miracles on Vimeo.

Miracles Team:
Screenplay: Povilas Makauskas
Producer: Oskaras Gudas
Creative Director: Laisvydas Želvys
Project Manger: Algirdas Kundelis
Character Design: Gintas Janulis
Animators: Algirdas Kundelis, Adomas Žudys, Ignas Blažys, Gintas Janulis, Emilija Juzeliūnaitė, Gabrielė Černiavskaja
Music: Liudas Lazauskas Roe Deers
Public Relations: Kotryna Žukauskaitė
Storyboard Artist: Jurgis Tarabilda
Video Tech production : Video Projektai

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