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The annual Festival of Lights just ended in Berlin. Local and international artists were invited to project their temporary works of art onto the greatest buildings in the world. Yes, video mapping shows are temporary, because new media art is based on the principle of duration, but participation in such festivals will decorate artists’ portfolios forever. And if you win in Berlin, you’ll be proud till the end of your (creative?) life. So let’s finish this boring foreword and congratulate the winners! This year the audience voted for “Magic Innovations” from Ukraine.

It is a little-known creative team specialized in 3D mapping and based in Kiev. Their project for Festival of Lights 2016 presented a colorful and psychedelic story from the point of view of a hard-working bee. First atom in the universe changes into a honeycomb, and the bee flies over flowers, moss and ivy, showing us the total harmony between all living creatures. Now we can say: “So sweeeeet” and continue talking about one of the greatest events for video mapping artists and lovers.

Berling Illuminated 2016

Berlin Festival of Lights (source:

Festival of Lights 2016, under the patronage of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Muller, became a constant venue for the most progressive artists, Berliners and visitors from all over the world. This year they had a possibility to enjoy light shows and unique international cultural exchange for the twelfth time. Also it is a cool alternative event in October for those German audience that don’t want to grow beer bellies on Oktoberfest.

Danke, Berlin!

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