Moscow has become the perfect catalyst for video mapping culture. Every year since 2010 it turns into city of lights hosting the annual international festival “Krug Sveta”. So this time, Sept. 23-27, organizers decided to blow our minds again and set one another Guinness world record. Stunning shows at 6 venues throughout the city, exciting discussions, unique educational program and invaluable intercultural exchange – everything is possible when such events as “Circle of Light” exist. Lumen Magazine just couldn’t leave you in darkness, so let’s discuss one of the most important events in the field of projection mapping and new media art as well.

How did “Circle of Light” festival look like? Like a huge complex of events for video mapping geeks and random rubbernecks. Famous historical and well-known buildings in Moscow served as textured screens for more than 200 light installations, and this new fresh way of perception attracted the attention of Moscow citizens and audience on the Internet. “Circle of Light” Festival set a new Guinness record again for the largest projection mapping, so it was a historic occasion.  More than 140 video artists from different countries throughout the world took part in a contest divided into 3 nominations: Classic Architectural Mapping, Modern Video Mapping and VJing.

Well, our congratulations to the winners.

Russian MESHSPLASH art group was proclaimed the best in the category of classic architectural mapping. Here’s why:

VJ TEAM from Spain took the 1st prize within the nomination of VJing and collected thousand of likes and wows:

Werewolf and Unstable Creations from UK made the best project in the genre of Modern Video Mapping, cheers:

Of course, this list of winners doesn’t mean any ultimate truth, because art isn’t about competition or spirit of rivalry. Truly deep art opens new directions and dimensions for thinking without elitist or philistine boilerplates. NOBROW era is here, so let’s enjoy and make our own conclusions. “Circle of Light” Festival as a governmental and extremely pathetic idea showed that everything goes. Young artists have an opportunity to express their visions of new media, modern technologies and small human’s experience in the big digital world. Let’s feel it watching other great shows from Moscow festival.

Mitchell Martinez (Mexico), VJing:

Heart’s (Japan), Classic Video Mapping:

Jo Ta (Bolivia), VJing:

Darklight Studio (Spain), Modern Video Mapping:

3DIT (Italy), Classic Video Mapping:

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