We’ve been invited for the fourth time to Bella Skyway Festival and it’s been a great challenge to create something unique and different than before. We’re projecting on buildings for more than 15 years all over the world and this facade is the only one that we projected onto three times. Therefore we decided to create an artwork that is more like an experiment of new styles and workflows and is created by a collective that includes new young talents in our team but still has a “Limelight touch” in it. The festival’s theme “Fluid Cosmos” was a great inspiration and the fantastic sound design of Fine Cut Bodies gave an extra value to the tracks produced by AMB and Abduct (AB/DX). Special thanks to Dron Fotografia Torun and Wiktoria Wachowiak for filming our piece.

Cosmic Flow – 3d projection mapping on Bella Skyway Festival 2017 from Limelight Projection Mapping on Vimeo.

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