Inspiration for a creative endeavor can come from anywhere: music, art, movies, or maybe a good book. While digital artist Ingrid Tsy relies on many of these to kickstart her 3D renderings, her process isn’t as straightforward as picking up a pencil or camera. Tsy instead draws a direct influence from existing imagery—like assets found on Adobe Stock—as the foundation for her digital designs that have caught the attention of clients like Adobe, Lexus, and the Coachella music festival.

In this new series, Tsy used a number of photographs and textures available through Adobe Stock as the building blocks for her inventive digital sculptures. Tsy finds time every day to create a new digital sketch, spending 30 minutes to over an hour until an idea fully manifests itself on screen, a moment where everything “clicks.” See how Tsy transforms images from Adobe Stock into a new original artwork in these videos from Adobe Create Magazine.

Ingrid Tsy | Adobe Stock

Ingrid Tsy | Adobe Stock

Ingrid Tsy | Adobe Stock

Like Tsy, you can find inspiration for your next creative project at Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is seamlessly integrated into Creative Cloud applications, so you can search, view, edit, and license photographs, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets and more without leaving your creative workflow. Monthly subscription plans are available for individuals, small teams, and enterprise solutions. Learn more about plans and pricing on Adobe Stock. If you’re interested in selling your own stock photos and videos, visit the Adobe Contributor Portal.

Ingrid Tsy | Adobe Stock

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