Ghent Light Festival 2015

Lumen prepared some interesting video for you from the heart of Europe, marvelous Ghent. This year the Ghent Light Festival 2015 had unbelievable success because of artists and projects presented there.

It’s not reason to be sad if you don’t see that personally. We are sure that this video collection will help you to explore (or to remind)  Ghent Light Festival 2015.

First of all, modest teaser: Ghent in Motion (Official Ghent Lightfestival Edit)

29.01.2015 – 01.02.2015
City Centre Ghent

Official Premiere “Ghent in Motion”
17 April 2015 – Concerthall Vooruit, Ghent


Wow, I know. It’s cool!

The second one is the brief review of all installations and performances happened in Ghent during the festival by Philippe Tack.

Too briefly, so let’s see more! Here goes Dancing House, Horta and Grimm’s World.

More than 42 installations and performances, tens of artists, lots of shining and brightness. That’s why this city will be the House of Light festival for years! Visit the official page to find more out

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