Jesse Ricke

Jesse Ricke:

“Probably my favorite moment of visual work, a traditional Gayageum player is accompanied by a fiery spring of light.
Born from my work with MAX/MSP/Jitter and event production, I’ve developed a distinct VJ practice, based on 3D architectures, Kinect depth maps, and audio reactivity.
Through my visuals I aim to extend audio performance, not through gratuitous colors and motion, but through distinct, carefully designed visual objects that breathe with the moment.
My most illustrious work has been electronic and acoustic ensembles, incorporating dance and telepresence. But I love work with single musicians too.”

About Jesse Ricke:

Jesse Ricke is a media practitioner with experience in audio/video production, stage production, interactive installations, performance, with an expertise in venue operation. His social convictions have lead to internships with One Laptop Per Child and research collaborations with His musical experience includes jazz studies and work in signed and independent groups. He is the Technical Director at CultureHub and teaches video operations at CUNY: City Tech. He also freelances as a videographer for creative events and performances.
If I may slip into the first person for a moment, curiosity is my engine.


  • Professor: teaching video studio production, post production, interface design and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Media Technician: broadcast and stage productions, specializing in HD video systems
  • Technical Director: for Off-Broadway productions and media showcases
  • Audio/Video Production: with a specialty in performance documentation and live recording
  • Interactive Media: design for live productions and gallery installations
  • Music Technology: instructor and performance artist

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