Kirsten Swensen and Digital Landscapes

Kirsten Swensen, Photographer, VJ and Visual Artist living in Eindhoven. With a profound interest in the nexus of art & technology and with a background in photography, Kirsten started making audio-visual installations and generative art. Swensen’s works take on multiple forms such as interactive installations, visual performances, and video pieces. She developed a 3D software, where she generates different structures, and reconstructs an image into an algorithm that interacts with various sound frequencies. Her works are shown at international festivals and museums including van Abbe Museum (NL), Adelaide Festival (AU), Glow (NL), Museum Of Transitory Art (SL).

“Digital Landscapes” Explores algorithms depending on sound frequency’s, like a visual language. It consist in a series cinematics, investigating the relationship between sound, algorithms & digital aesthetics that will take you on a journey throughout different landscapes. Each one of these landscapes has its own individual characteristics, which combined with algorithms produce beautiful and unique formations…

Visuals: Kirsten Swensen
Music: Sarco

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