Nima Rezai

Nima Rezai running live visuals for II , a new DJ/VJ hybrid performance project.

Visuals using Resolume Arena and APC40.

Filmed using the Panasonic GH4 in 4K. No color correction.

Running live visuals for a promotional video for II+, a new DJ hybrid EDM project.

Resolume Arena used for projection.

Filmed on a single take using a GoPro Hero 3 black and using Resolume and Akai APC-40.

P.S. It’s an outstanding artist – director, musician, composer, vj, dj. Is he good at his work? Definitely, yes. Enjoy the modest and deeply empowered artist – Nima Rezai. Everything you can see on the video.

And just look at that! Have you anytime imagine the mix of ice factory, music (of at least three styles), light show? Here you go:

And maybe we are deeply inspired not only because of what Nima Rezai Team do, but we connect to their passion. They are really fond of their art. Also the technical support of any project is professional. And instruments sounds perfect.

Filmed on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Panasonic GX7 and Canon 5D for slow-motion. Edited and color graded in FCP X. and Resolve.
Produced by Merge Production
Directed by Amir Motlagh
Director of photography:Yuki Noguchi
Post Production: Nima Rezai
Music composed by Nima Rezai & Dan Heflin



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