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Planet Triage

Planet Triage is an immersive, projection mapping installation created by Cody Healey-Conelly at the Wageningen University artist in residency program in conjunction with its 100th year anniversary celebration. Using computer-generated imagery, projection, and sculpture, Planet Triage creates a space for dialogue between artists and scientists with the hope of inspiring new ideas and ways to counteract the impacts of climate change.

Cody used an Optoma HD142x, After Effects and Cinema 4D to bring the installation to life. He used a laser measurer to precisely position the projector and the sculptural elements. Additionally, guides were drawn on the sculpture to indicate where the pieces of the installation should lock together. MadMapper’s mesh warp was used to align the projection, and then to control and loop the final video playback. 

The exhibition took place at the World Soil Museum at Wageningen University and Research from June 25-29. 

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