Obscura was asked by Goldenvoice to build an epic experience for the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. So we worked with Pacific Domes to build a 120′ dome called The Antarctic — the largest geodesic projection dome in the world — and produced Chrysalis, an 8-minute audiovisual program to be projected at massive scale in full 360º for audiences of 500 throughout the weekend, creating what’s quite possibly one of the most impactful immersive experiences ever.

For the technophiles, the project included 15 2k resolution 30k lumen Christie Boxer projectors that fill the dome with bright, crisp visuals, and 108 L’Acoustics speakers (56 KIVA’s, 12 12XT’s, 24 5XT’s and 16 subwoofers) arranged on three tiers around the dome, providing bone-rattling spatialized audio, so the audience literally feels the experience viscerally.

Obscura’s creative team developed the content narrative, taking people on a metamorphic journey through time, space, and consciousness, with a nod to crowd-favorite art installations from Coachellas past. Our media team took that vision and employed a combination of CGI, fractal geometry and practical effects in creating the final piece. Our sound designers crafted custom audio that evoked a 4-dimensional experience, taking one though space-time.

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