Serato Video tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates an alternate, more flexible way to record video mixes from Serato Video by using Syphon technology on the Mac. We show you how to setup Syphon Recorder, a free software package to capture both audio and video output from Serato and discuss all the various settings for optimal quality.

By using Syphon to record your video mixes, you have the option of choosing various codecs and output resolutions to save video that is both post-production friendly and of higher quality.

Download Syphon Recorder for Free!

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“DocOptic specializes in live visuals. We are a team of artists who create distinctive art for live visuals that VJs, Video DJs, Video Artists, and Audiovisual Performers use in live events, shows and performances. We love experimenting with live visual performance tools and we show you how they work along with creative ways they can be used to captivate your audience or make audiovisual works. We are based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our combined experience spans 10 years in the areas of music production, 3D modeling, animation, motion graphics design, VJing, and live event visuals…”

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