Trizz directs for Hyundai (Brand Vision) from TRIZZ STUDIO on Vimeo.


The creative relationship with Innocean’s CD Lewis Hunt set the stage for Trizz to work in high gear on Hyundai’s iconic new approach relating to the automobile companies design sensibilities.

The film warps nature, informs details with transformation and extreme photo real manipulations carried by Trizz founding Director, Oriol Puig’s vision – pushing boundaries between 3d, reality and pure experimentation (directed dancers on mocap for the fluidic golden wave sequence). In total, this and the Genesis film assures a goose bump inducing cinematic visual journey in 4k.

Trizz provided the full package:  concept, design, exterior drone shoot, special in-studio shoot rigs, animation, grading & vfx. Hand made at the Barcelona studio.

Hyundai Brand Credits

Innocean Worlwide ( Lead Agency )

-Creative Director: Lewis Hunt
-Executive Producer: Morten Frantz
-Account Director: Petra Erbova


-Film Concept Development: Oriol Puig and Lewis Hunt
-Director: Oriol Puig
-Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
-Producer: Oriol Vives
-Art Direction: Oriol Puig, Alex Martín, Evaldas Cesnavicius
-Additional Art Direction and Research: Laura Ibañez
-Modeling/Liquid Simulation/Lighting/Rendering: Alex Martín
-Modeling, Lighting and Animation ( Threads scene ): Evaldas Cesnavicius
-Modeling and Lighting ( Dancer scene ): Oriol Mayolas
-Compositing: Oriol Puig and Roberto García
-Smoke Online: Ricardo Perez
-Motion Capture: Oriol Mayolas
-Storyboard: Javier Vaquero
-Editing: Carlos Carrasco/Oriol Vives/Oriol Puig
-3d scanning and modeling support: Juan León / Ariadna Ollé

Trizz – Live Action

-Live action Trizz team: Oriol Puig, Laura Ibañez, Oriol Vives
-Set Design: Albert García Vila
-Set construction/inventions: Albert García Vila, Laura Ibañez and Anna Caterina Melo
-Head of Production: Dani Molina
-Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch
-Shooting Production Assistant: Tomas Minguella
-Motion Capture Dancers: Jana Errando, Victor Fernandez
-Effects: Nasa FX

-Music composer: Daniel Lea ( Golden hum )
-Sound Mixing: Abbey Road

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