video mapping fb group – International Video Mapping Group for VJ & Media Artist

One of the most interesting groups for beginners and advanced artists of Video Mapping. Every day a lot of members from all over the world create unique content specialized on video mapping sphere.

The main aim of this group is to present and share the hottest news for Vj, new media artists, art directors, producers and everybody whp is interested in the visual art.

video mapping fb group

As we all see, the fusion of technologies, artworking and other creative processes depend on hardware and software. To create something colossal now, you have to collect a great amount of useful knowledge, skills and find team, you have to be leader and executive at the same time.

Guys from Lime Art Group create Video Mapping to realize their dreams of visual culture development and to draw together friends and those they rely on in art creation. That’s why anyone can find fresh news, tutorials, reviews on that page. It’s idea of good friends for their benefits. So you can connect to that community too! Besides you can ask any question or call help in the framework of video mapping themes and you’ll get professional answers! Because we all have to develop to make the whole system better… 🙂

Just send them request. It a few days you’ll get perfect access to worldwide vj events, best examples of video mapping, unique free loops and other video content. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s be a great Family of visual art future!

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