Created by Flower/Fu Dongting, weave/wave is an interactive artwork that converts portraits of visitors into a particle field that is used to construct a mirror image, one of data and sound.

Part A of the installation produces portraits using a camera and converts it into a dynamic particle field. Particles possess repulsive and cohesion force. Part B of the installation analyses these three relationships: seperation, cohesion and alignment amongst the particles. In this process the particles are used as a means to create a single particle containing identity information whereas their formation time, geodesic latitude and longitude coordinates, speed, accelerated speed, angular velocity, color and size provide information about the portrait.

Building of social structure determines the “position” of an individual. The subtle changes between individuals in the social relations also shaping the macroscopic “pattern” of the society. Two parts of the work explore this issue deeply. Overall, Part A is the external cause that determins the macro-structure of the collective. Part B spontaneously generates a acentric collective structure because of the relationship among individuals. Individually, the intention about “weave” reflects the abstract social relations between human beings, which is simply summarized as “separation, cohesion, and alignment”. The individual Part A with the “separation and cohesion” relationship continues to affect the entire pattern, resulting in dynamic ripples and fluctuations. By following these three relationships, Part B will be able to simulate the random motion of organic groups, named “Flocking Behaviour”. Here the “weave” can be understood as “to follow certain rules of the organization.” Such rules may be an external setting or an internal generation.

The installation was created using Processing, a camera, two PC computers with OSC as signal communication, two screens and finally a set of speakers.

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