Now you get to be the band leader.

With just a flick of the wrist, now you can control the mechanics of composing an original score along with adding an element of convenience when puppeteering a concert production. In an original meeting of technology, music, and possibly telekinesis, the MIDIS 2.0 controller—an improved version of the 2015 crowd-funded wireless tool—is the work of Netherland-based company OWOW a.k.a. Omnipresent World of Wizkids. The MIDIS hand-held tool comes in a variety of shapes and utilities, ranging from the slimmer “Scan” which helps to “bust through writer’s block” to the “Drum” which allows air-drummers to transfer the beats in momentary thoughts to actual realized compositions. Overall, the newest iteration of the MIDIS is a boon for fans of jam sessions, cutting-edge gadgetry, and a means of overcoming the wall between mental desire and physical execution.

To learn more about the MIDIS 2.0 and see more from OWOW, visit the firm’s website, here.

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