The Dynamic Projection Institute from Vienna Austria has appointed Polestar Productions as their UK partner. The key products of the Institute are the Mirror Head, the MDC-X Media Server, the MDC-Touch and the JCD Focus and Zoom Control. All of them built to create new visual experiences and “possibilities in lighting, projection and interior design.”

We got to talk with Tony Gill, MD of Polestar Productions, about the innovation in these technologies and how Polestar will contribute to their development and success.  

Tony Gill on the Dynamic Projection Institute Mirror Head System: “Their high-tech Mirror Head system, enables a projector’s output to be dynamically moved anywhere within an 180 by 90/162 degree arc under the control of DMX / Art-NetTM or the comprehensive software package provided as part of the systems MDC-X Media Servers.

The software’s features include Show Automation, Time Scheduling, Media Manipulation, Geometric Corrections, Seamless Transformations, Image alignment with Soft-edge and Show Presets. System Control is Via the MDC-Touch Remote Control, a web-based app or DMX / Art-NetTM control.

The Mirror Head systems versatile design means that multi-projector installations can be implemented using larger media servers to provide video output whilst the mirror position is controlled using DMX / Art-NetTM control protocols.

A constantly expanding range of Mirror Heads is available for projectors with outputs from 3000 to 30 000 Lumen’s.” Polestar will provide sales, technical and creative support for the system in the UK.

Tony has added that he is really excited to be working alongside Thomas Kühne, Founder and CEO of the Dynamic Projection Institute – and a pioneer in his field – as well as with the designers and manufacturers building the product “We are looking forward to showing the UK entertainment and events industry what this amazing system can do”.

If you want to know more about what Polestar and the Dynamic Projection Institute are working on, you can contact Tony:

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