Hong Kong Tourism board annual summer show PULSE.
The show’s family focused story is a unique take on how much fun and excitement can be had in the city of Hong Kong in the Summer. With iconic characters inspired by traditional local food favourites such as the Pineapple Bun, the Egg Tart and Dim Sum characters joining a playful Dragon and a cheeky Rooster on a whirlwind tour of the territory. During the show, the characters come to life not only as high-end CGI animation projected on the HKCC façade, but as giant inflatables and LED installations across the HKCC piazza, providing amazing photo opportunities and interactions for the visitors. A 50 metre long interactive LED sculpture of the dragon is synchronized with the projection on the Clock Tower challenging the audience to “wake up the dragon”. Members of the public can interact with sensors that power up the game and trigger 3D mapping animations as they awake the dragon from its slumber.

Hong Kong PULSE from Spinifex Group on Vimeo.

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