LPM Gianluca Del Gobbo

Lumen: Free software VS expensive software in the VJs World. What to choose to be a good VJ?

Gianluca: First of all, VJing doesn’t depend on the software you use, but for sure your choice can associate or distinguish you from the others vjs.
I think that the best software implements the idea of your show in the best way you see it in reality. If you are lucky, it could be free and not very popular. And if the software is one of the most well-known (usually it’s synonym to the expensive one), you dare to become similar within others.
But there is also a third way, you can build your own software, as my team and I have done.
LPM Gianluca Del Gobbo
Lumen: LPM 2015 – some unpublished facts for Lumen’s followers.
Gianluca: LPM 2015 will be the 16th Edition, it will return to Rome. We will have more news during the next week but for now I can say that the main location of LPM will be the Nuovo Cinema Aquila in the heart of Pigneto where we will host all the AV Performances and lectures.
We offer participants to take a part in the workshops and lectures. That is the part of LPM that we curate and all the rest will come from the specialists those will respond the LPM call and attend our event.
Another great news is that vjs will play for over 13.000 people on 3 stages during the students event of La Sapenza, the biggest University in Europe, on the 29 of may.
Lumen: And what about your other future projects?
Gianluca: Live Cinema Festival 2015 in September. It will be great. The program soon will appear on the official website of this project.
LPM Gianluca Del Gobbo
Lumen: Will you create some new software for VJing or you’ll develop those you have already create?
Gianluca: I really want to make something new… but first of all I have to choose the development platform – Unity, Cinder, Openframework.
Lumen: And what is the main idea for the future software?
Gianluca: I have two ways: a 3D mapping tool or a live coding tool. Soon I’ll decide what to do.
Lumen: I have no doubts about it. Your thoughts about future of Vjing, music, art and experimentation. What will be the next breakthrough?
Gianluca: If we can compare, live audio was born almost at the same time as the whole humanity and we all succeed to record it 100 years ago. While video appeared 100 years ago and became alive 15 years ago, then we are on the very long path.
The next evolution step of this sphere can be in the popularization of custom software and hardware too. Despite of we are all playing the same instrument, a pc with ram, processor, hd, it could be very interesting to start playing really different tools.

LPM Gianluca Del Gobbo

P.S. And for the dessert, Lumen gets for you three facts about Gianluca Del Gobbo you may didn’t know!

1. The latest favorite music video.


2. The latest book you read with pleasure:

Gianluca: I don’t read with pleasure.

3. Your favorite dish of Italy.
Gianluca: Carbonara.
Lumen: Hope, you like this express-interview! We’re trying our best to make it interesting and alive!

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