Following on from the Morphogenetic Creations we covered on CAN some months ago, Hybrid Forms: New Growth is the latest in the series of “Cellular Forms: an Artistic Exploration of Morphogenesis” research work by Andy Lomas.

The work is a variation of his Hybrid Forms video, using the same simulation data but showing regions of active cell growth instead of the internal structures. As cells are born they are highlighted in blue, which gradually fades as each cell ages. Complex patterns emerge in waves across the surface, with adjacent cells tending to accumulate enough food to split at approximately the same time so tending to be roughly synchronized in the times when new cells are born.

The work was created using Andy’s own custom code mostly written in CUDA – a parallel computing platform and programming model by NVIDIA, to make use of the GPU to do all the computation and rendering.

If you want to find out more out about the algorithms Andy is using to simulate growth processes, have a look at the paperhe wrote about them.

Andy Lomas

↓ full screen HD viewing recommended.



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