LUMEN: Please, tell me some basic facts about you: where are you from, is the Vj a hobby or a job for you and what was your first experience, what is your main passion in Vj?


VJ CODEC: I am from Athens (GREECE), VJ-ing is my job and always a hobby, because of party time we enjoy with my team (LPM)! My first experience was 12 years ago. We were trying to project pictures on building for a fashion commercials and visuals. My main passion in VJ-ing is to show the color, shape and moves of sound that my souls can see!


LUMEN: Thanks. Anyone can feel it during your VJ-set! What do you choose now: to work with commercial projections on the buildings or to live exciting VJ-night life?


VJ CODEC: Your question includes all my life! At the morning I create stuff for commercials and at the night I have a party time as VJ! I LOVE MY JOB!


LUMEN: It’s definitely the best job in the world 🙂 What do you think, is the Vj-artist totally dependent on expensive technical and software supplement or even with simple instrument anyone can create some true pieces of VJ-art? What software and hardware do you work with? If it isn’t secret…

VJ CODECVJ CODEC: It all depends on the project level… You can visualize project with IPAD or up to BIG SERVER like HIPPOTIZER v4. You can make visuals with audio react plugins and programs, so it’s all about PROJECT. BUT THE SECRET SUPPLEMENT IS THE IDEA and LOVE for that!

LUMEN: What was your the biggest project in VJ-ing?


VJ CODEC: I usually play with the best clubs in Greece and I have a lot of friends in this sphere. Although my name is popular with my old job as an SINGER’S MANAGER. So when one day CAVO PARADISO – MYCONOS make a deal with David Guetta to perform to perform together, they call me to make some loops and send them to his manager. They like my samples and everything become true! We had a wonderful experience, all of us!


LUMEN: What will you propose to read or to study for every newbie in the Vj-ing as a experienced professional? What were the main sources of your knowledge of the Vj-ing?


VJ CODEC: I am sure that the basic start is the Illustrator to understand 2D and then continue to study any  3D program (CINEMA 4D) and start following LIMEART to see beautiful creations! Then experimental approach is the key to creativity! And newbie should communicate with somebody like me or guys from the LIMEART, because we love to share knowledge and enjoy new and improved creations in the visual art culture!


LUMEN: After 12 years of work in the VJ-sphere, how the visual industry have changed?  What will we meet in the nearby future?


VJ CODEC: I am afraid that it will be harder for the newbies to follow visual industry, because the needs and requirements are huge, the resolutions are getting larger, so everything needs more power characteristics in graphics. That makes me sad… But if you ask me about the future I think that everything depends on the economic situation that  will influence us…

VJ CODEC: And finally big thx to all your team (LIMEART) and especially Alexander for all support! Your positive energy is outstanding and you are always welcome to Athens!

LUMEN: Thank you too, you’re simply great!

More about VJ CODEC read here.


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