Tesselate is a completely scalable and adaptable installation, for an indoor as well as an outdoor space.
 The main idea is to create each time a new polygonal shape and use the anamorphosis “hot spot” to give the public the impression it is coming out of the wall / building.
 The flat 3D volume can be printed on cheap laser printer and then glue pasted onto a wall or can be drawn with sharpy pens directly on the wall.
The result comes to life thanks to projection.

Joanie Lemercier – Tesselate / Biela noc Košice 2015 from Biela Noc on Vimeo.

For this edition of Kosice’ Biela noc, Joanie Lemercier will make an in situ version of one of his Tesselate as each of them is unique.

Credits :
Original concept and visuals : Joanie Lemercier
Production : Juliette Bibasse
Video production : Woont Studio Košice
Art director of White Night festival Slovakia: Zuzana Pacakova
Technical support: Braňo Bernár and SHOWMEDIA


Via Vimeo

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