Harmony by teamLab

HARMONY by teamLab, Japan Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015

Paddy fields, at the background of the origin of Japan’s food culture, were grown and developed in areas at differing height levels such as the mid to high river basins. This is reflected in the terraced rice-fields that are so characteristic of Japan, a country surrounded by mountains and the sea.
This process was made possible thanks to the beautiful harmony that has existed between humans and nature.

HARMONY, Japan Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015 from teamLab on Vimeo.

In order to show the fact that paddy fields have prospered in places with differing heights, as well as through the harmonious relationship between humans and nature, the space of the exhibition room has been filled with screens resembling ears of rice. These screens have been installed at a variety of different heights, from the knees up to the waist, creating an interactive projection space that seems to spread out infinitely at various heights and directions.
The projected images change in line with the visitors’ movements as they wander through the room.

This interactive art installation creates a space where visitors look as if they are wading their way through the ears of rice. As they wander around, they can experience a passing of nature that is so characteristic of Japan across the period of a whole year.

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About teamLab:

teamLab is an Ultra-technologists group made up of specialists in the information society such as; Programmers (User Interface Engineers, Database Engineers, Network Engineers, Hardware engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Software Architects), Mathematicians, Architects, CG Animators, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Editors and more. We create works through “experimentation and innovation” making the borders between  Art, Science, and Technology, more ambiguous.

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