LC (Live Cinema) Lab provides a dedicated space and facilities for audio, visual and audio-visual artists to form new collaborations and develop cross-disciplinary work. It will be focused on hands-on work. Ideally members join, plug into the system and start playing.

The lab also offers a space for technical development, in which lab members share their knowledge about software and hardware. According to the needs of the lab some sessions will be dedicated to making new software, bug fixes, soldering or hacking new instruments or controllers.

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We will develop ideas around how to interconnect different audio-visuals devices, exchanging signals, creating feedbacks and translate and transform the different elements. Beyond using more established audio visual technologies such as video projections and loudspeakers we are curious to develop instruments which allow to explore new ways of creating, composing and perceiving audio-visual media.

By developing our own tools we want to expand the vocabulary of the performance. Besides researching the possibilities of audio-visual composition we will investigate the sculptural aspects of the language which integrates technology, the performer and the audience in immersive environments and spatial setups. The sessions lead towards live performance pieces where the audience will be exposed to work-in-progress pieces developed in the lab.

An important part of each session is chat and drinks. During this part participants reflect upon what was just created, talk about inspiring new artwork they experienced or any other topic.

We hope to collaborate with other labs, festivals or visiting artists. We would like to acknowledge RecPlay in the Hague (run by Robert Pravda) and (started by Keiko Uenishi) for providing the great inspiration and know-how about audio-visual collaboration between many participants.

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Nenad Popov & Wolfgang Bittner

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Via Spektrum Berlin

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