AUTHOR: IF, a Paris-based collective whose work, ranging from art installations to product design, uses light to connect virtual universes to physical reality.

DESCRIPTION: Created to celebrate the 5 years of Parisian club La Machine du Moulin Rouge, this installation is “a dialogue between space and its limitations.” The support is made of a transparent material superimposed onto another semi-reflective surface. The multiplied light creates a new sense of depth which opens up the space onto a new dimension.

AMUSEMENT RATE: Level appears to be a metaphor of a techno club. Through its music and its light show, a club opens up new perspectives to its audience. The lights projections are here used to breach the physical space and to take use to an abstract world where music and light become one. The installation is on show for two more weekends at La Machine, make sure to check it out if you are in Paris.

Source: prosthetic knowledge


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