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Kind of a short bio:


My name is Francesco Soave.

I’m a student in Computer Science and Music in Milan and I’m in love with technology, interaction, installations, design, graphics and every kind of art.

I am a programmer and musician, then my passion is to combine technology and arts. I work as sound engineer and I’m a juggler!

francesco soave lpm


Lumen: We meet on LPM. He invites people to enjoy this chair with LED-lights. Enjoy the interview with Francesco Soave, one of the best artists of the LPM in the art installation section. Eva was hanging around and decided to take a part in that installation. What happened next – read below…

“The installation named as MIND THE CHAIR… The person takes a sit on the simple chair decorated with LED-stripes flowing from the chair to the floor, wears a headset and tries its brain. What we see? The LED-stripes begin to shine with a different level of brightness and frequency. Why? Why different people generate different brightness? Are somebody better than other?…”

Lumen: Hi, Francesco! What that magic is all about? What’s the main idea?

Francesco: Hi, Eva! It’s the first time the Mind The Chair appears on public at the festival. The LPM accepted my request of participation and voila! This my installation is about power to control your mind, about mind concentration and power of brain waves whose nobody can see, but everybody has. The headset you wear analyses all different brain waves you have and get theirs values. Due to the program I created on the special algorithm it reflects values of the brain waves into light intensity and frequency. I had to remake those basic algorithm I bought for this installation to make it more sensitive to data changes and respectively the lighting of LEDs. So the LED-strings begin to shine when your brain is dealing with thinking of something, recalling and imagination. So people with high activity will see powerful lightning and harmonised blinks and whose who were relaxed see the plain light from the LEDs.

Lumen: It’s really interesting for those who wants to reach Dzen and nirvana feelings I guess…

Francesco: (laughing) Yes, I guess… There was only one person who almost doesn’t “shine” at all. It was nearly 70 years old person, who was really tired. It although shows us that the installation works truly exact.

Lumen: I see the LED-strings and a chair on your installation. What about other materials and appliances you use in you projects?

Francesco: Recently I worked with Kinect in the frameworks of my closed project for museums. Although I worked with the Webcam. So you can find almost all of them on my website.

Lumen: Can we read there something about your future projects?

Francesco: Yes, you may. The nearest my event with the Mind Chair will be next week at VERONA RISUONA SA di SA (salotto aperto di sound art), so just come there to join me and my team.

Lumen: Oh, thanks, it may be real. But until we are here, on LPM, describe your impressions of yesterday and today events.

Francesco: I think this year all is okay. We see the uprising level of the event quality. Nevertheless of some problems dealing with installation arrangement, I reach my aim to involve people to my installation and make theirs brains work. It was a great time spent with a people from all over the world, so I enjoyed everything a lot. And my advise for the next LPMs – show must go on, guys, pay more attention to installation goals and territory arrangement and everything would be perfect.

Lumen: Thank you, it’s a pleasure!

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