LPM 2015

For you to understand what is LPM 2015, we tell the next: tens of masters with theirs works, the hundreds of art admirers, the thousands of those who just were passing through and get involved into the Magic of video art.

LPM 2015

by Sasha Zak

LPM 2015 is the platform were everybody are in the action. The main speciality of this event was the international scale of everything happening there. People from different countries, with a different level of knowledge and involvement into the creativity process are still enjoying time together. If you stand in the middle of LPM, listen to the workshop or look at a/v performances, you’ll see that everyone exchanges the information and knowledge.

We were happy to see Chindogu, the winner of LPM VJ Battle 2014, Dirty Soup Visuals – amazing and friendly, lead supervisors of backstage, Laszlo Zsolt Bordos – lucky chief of VJ Torna, Gor – new face of Ukrainian VJ culture, HeavyM – new startup dedicated to projection mapping technologies, Vj Yochee from Visual Society, Tim Vis, Telenoika, and all this was seasoned with a great smile of Vj Fader.

The LPM is all about rest, entertainment and studying at the same time.

LPM 2015

by Sasha Zak

The Shop4Vjs and Polyform presented a lot of stuff and possibilities for Vjs and artists. People were interested not only in stickers or candies, they were asking a lot of questions about footage and services, the aim of the Shop4Vjs. Alex and his team were in the good mood, despite all the adventures they had in Rome. And the emotions were so bright, especially in case meeting new and old friends.

Yesterday was a great party near La Sapienza University and more than a thousand people were enjoying the work of all Vjs actioned that night till morning. They dance around the Minerva statue – the .

Here goes some photos, very raw and true. Hope, you will like it.

Lumen, in the person of Eva, was in light cultural shock and the third day will bring a lot of new interviews and meetings. You’ll see it all on Lumen.

LPM 2015

by Sasha Zak

Who knows how many new projects will appear after the LPM 2015? We’ll tell you about them for sure.

Thank you for reading us! Wait for the part 2 of our fantastical LPM-trip!

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