Created by XEX for Dr.Jart+, ‘Prismverse’ is an installation inspired by light rays travelling in a diamond with Brilliant cut (wikipedia) – a form that produces highest brilliance with maximized light return through its top. Surrounded by complex geometrical tessellated mirror walls, the visuals on the floor, their reflection and omnidirectional sound encapsulate the visitor.

A journey to unprecedented sceneries of glimmers begins at the touch of the product centered in the space. Audience will be immersed in splendors of our mother nature, ranging from the galaxy and distant stars, rare gemstones, glistens of flowing water, and refracted light beams.

Constructed with 10 meter LED floor and complex geometry, Prismverse is an imagine of the paths of light rays inside a diamond. Thanks to the omnidirectional speaker ‘scenery’ produced by sonihouse, audience can immerse themselves in the ambient soundscape, where sound is equally distributed in every direction.

Created using C4D, Redshift, Adobe Aftereffect, openFrameworksAbleton Live, Reaktor, Arduino, Capacitive Sensor, LED floor panel.

The VR 360 experience is also available here.

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Credits: Chris Cheung Hon Him (Design & Artistic Direction), Cheryl Liu Suet Yee (Digital Producer), Jeff Wong Chun Kit (Technical Director), Jason Lam Chi Fai (Creative Technologist), Kwan Kai Yin (Interactive Art Director & Motion Design), Janice To Tsz Sum (Interactive Designer & & Motion Design), José Lai (Motion Design) and Leung Man-kit (1:10 Model)

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