Hong Kong Pulse is a spectacular 3D light show with exciting audiovisual effects. This exhilarating experience, which takes place at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Clock Tower at Tsim Sha Tsui, coincides with the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, Hong Kong WinterFest and Chinese New Year celebrations. The content of the show changes according to the themes of these events.

About rgb:

rgb means trust

rgb means independence

rgb means quality

We are designers and planners of passion and represent our brand values.

Trust and reliability are the foundation of our work – this applies both to the cooperation with our business partners and customers as well as to our team. So we identify ourselves with the demands, needs, and goals of our customers and employees. After all, only on the basis of cooperation, sympathy, and loyalty can extraordinary results be achieved.

We are economically independent and free from foreign interests. We are neither manufacturers nor distributors of technology, we work with everyday. There are no hidden ownership structures or other obligations to third parties. Only in this way can we act independently and make the right decisions in the interests of our customers.

Artisanal competence, years of experience, skilled employees, creativity, and passion – these are the basics for quality. Quality based on the requirements of the customer is not a target, but a process that never comes to an end. To keep it that way, we invest in knowledge and development.

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