Dome mapping CRYSTAL DOME of the Petit Palais’ cupola, in Paris for Baccarat’s 250th anniversary celebration and the inauguration of their exhibit!

Special thanks to Roger Sodré, Baccarat, le Petit Palais, Lucie Loret, Caroline de Laurens, Sophie Adelle, Charlotte Reynaud, Stephane Sailly, Christophe Parienti, Gregory Albouy et Julien Abril

Created and developed by NYX Visual.

«NYX» is a French and Fresh Visual Label specialized in motion design & scenography.

Founded in 2010, the label aims to promote and distribute artists in relation with digital art.

The label is composed of graphic designers, stage developers and light engineers specialized in space layout and 3D content creation.

Large-scale installations, exclusive structures, mapping, visual design and live VJ performance all lie at the heart of our activity.

With the help and support of Blendy Dome VJ.

Blendy Dome VJ is an intuitive fulldome mapping tool that features a realtime dome slicer and 3D content viewer designed for fulldome VJ‘s. This next generation software can easily map dome surfaces using 3-6 projector outputs and 1 to 2 Matrox Triplehead adaptors to distort and project on curved surfaces.
Blendy Dome VJ reads any Syphon Server playing domemaster medias and also allows you to preview content on a virtual 3D dome. Studio Avante and United VJs are excited for this new inexpensive VJ tool and are available for technical support around the globe.

Video by Jahcuba
Type : Scenography
Date : October 2014
Venue : Le Petit Palais, Paris
Client : Baccarat
Software & Equipment : 3 videoprojectors, Blendy Dome Vj

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