Resolume excited to finally introduce a new addition to the Resolume family – say hello to Wire!

Wire is a modular node-based patching environment to create effects, mixers and video generators for Arena & Avenue.

Does the world really need another patching environment? Resolume thinks it does. There are some truly great patching environments available; Max, Notch, TouchDesigner, vvvv, Vuo, to name just a few. All of these have been around for decades and all have their own purpose, strengths and weaknesses. However, none of them tick all boxes. Resolume wants something lightweight, embeddable, cross-platform and most of all, easy to use and learn. That patching environment did not exist yet, and since the days of Quartz Composer they have been frustrated and dreaming about a patching environment that would compliment Arena and Avenue.

Of course, Wire can not be compared to patching environments that have been around for decades, but it does already prove itself very useful in expanding the capabilities of Arena & Avenue. In fact, you might have already been using Wire effects and generators without even noticing. Remember the Abstract Field source and Acuarela & Tilt Shift effects Resolume added to Arena and Avenue a few versions back? Those are made in Wire! And the best thing is; you can now edit them and make your own variations. Or learn how they were made and create something entirely new.

Wire Promo from Resolume on Vimeo.

The Future?

Resolume has laid the foundation for a very friendly and capable environment that will only get better over time. They look forward to expanding into new territories in the future like audio playback, synthesis and effects. 3D rendering. More IO protocols. Online content. To name just a few. There is so much fun stuff that can be added to Wire it’s hard to decide what to do first. Help us prioritize what to do next, by telling us what you would like to be added in the future.

Wire includes a lot of example patches that get you going very quickly. The welcome screen will help you to get started right away. For every node, there is a documentation patch that explains exactly what it does. Check out the in-depth support articles that explain the concepts behind Wire.

Resolume Wire for 1 computer is 399 Euro. Licenses are available in the Resolume shop.

A free trial is available now on the official Resolume downloads page, so you can try Wire for as long as you like.


Source: Resolume Blog

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