Created by Studio Antimateria in collaboration with participating students at the workshop hosted by Presidio Temporaneo di Architettura, Shape in Scapes is an audiovisual installation that provides an abstract representation of students’  architectural projects located at three different landscapes: Margherita di Savoia salt pans (Italy), lake Askja (Iceland) and river Vardar (Macedonia).

Like in the similar workshop ran with the POLITECNICO di PIACENZA’s students, the surfaces that were used for the projection were the students’ volumetric models; final projections attempt to analyse the technical and conceptual content of the students’ work and transport this information into an emotional audio-video performance.

The exhibition is disclosed as a continuous investigative process, with the purpose of discovering and expressing the essence of the architectural approach that has been applied to three different dialogs between context and architecture.

Credits: Stefano Caimi (Visual artist), Mattia Nuovo (Sound designer) and Marco Usuelli (Production assistant).

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