AVnode is an international network of artists and professionals organizing festivals and/or working in the fields of audiovisual live performances.

AVnode is a Network

AVnode is an international network of artists and professionals organizing festivals and/or working in the fields of audiovisual live performances. The main goal is to join forces of local players, active on a international level on research and development of video art and audio/video live performances. AVnode will develop into a cultural umbrella association in 2014, being formed by a group of professionals and organizers of audio/visual art festivals from all over the world.

AVnode is a Quality Trademark.

The ability and experience accumulated by its founding members in years of work in the international scene of digital arts make the project a quality brand for all contemporary and future cultural productions that will be proposed under the AVnode label.
AVnode founders are driven by the purpose of maximizing their expertise and to elevate –  in a short period – to the status of recognized brand.

The focus on technological innovation related to visual art and future oriented attitude are two elements that distinguish the immediate planning and working method of the network. The goal is to constantly renew the cultural program through performances, workshops, conferences (which in turn will be travelling between all the different festivals involved) and a continuous feedback process coming from the public and from the artists themselves, teachers and external cultural producers, through a constant dialogue between all the actors involved..

The exchange of know-how – which translates directly into sharing the experiences collected over years of work – and the intellectual exchange among its members is directed to the transformation of AVnode into a Culture Advocacy Group, being able to interpret and to revise contemporary trends and to integrate them into current social needs. Through a careful view of social and cultural changes taking place, the projects supported by AVnode will be those able to decode instances of change and, in the long term, translate them into concrete and diverse projects.

Since the breeding ground for the project is the international collaboration between various events, festivals will become spots of creation and processing of the network itself, through a continuous exchange of ideas, performances, audiovisual professionals and curators, cultural producers and business related partners.


AVnode is a Tool.

AVnode will also become a means for creation of live events and productions in the audiovisual scene.
In addition to knowledge-sharing and professional interchange between network partners, there will be a production of other services also suitable for the public:

  • a calendar of cultural activities of all current members, the deadline for submitting projects to the international Festivals of audiovisual and the dates for each festival, in order to avoid events overlap, thus producing a structured cultural proposal on international scale
  • a database of professionals working in each festival with their individual professional skills
  • a database of artists/projects deserving greater attention due to innovation and strength of their message
  • shared management of the feedback gathered from the public, artists and organizers involved during all festivals, in order to consistently produce a monitoring scheme towards the improvement of potential on location and to overcome weak points of each event
  • an overall documentation including productions promoted by any event that is part of the network, to create an online archive accessible to the public.


AVnode is an Institution.

AVnode wants to establish itself as a formally recognized international organization with the aim to provide its members with funds, technical and cultural partnerships necessary for the achievement and development of projects and events such as festivals. The funds raised will be redistributed through a transparent and democratic process among its members, according to the needs of each project.

The establishment of AVnode as a single subject, formally and internationally recognized, corresponds with the need of supporting its members with greater force to develop and to manage relationships with local institutions, international and private partnerships, at the same time working together to concur for “call for participation” for the most prestigious grants.
Through the Network website, the setting up of AVnode will be announced to the public. The site will also be an instrument of the network towards its audience.

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