SHINY TOYS #5 – Festival für audiovisuelle Experimente 2014

open all these blackboxes and closed circuits. destroy and rebuild. space is vast. time is revolving. history is a recycling center. the dominance of the plain and the clean is falling apart. imperfection is calling. reformat reality.
The eversion of our memory into the always-available machine is done. Now the transcoding of our vacant brain capacities has to be advanced.
custom made, optoacoustic machines and performances patched up from the physical remains, the psychoactive waste and the still warm and glowing artefacts of the scientifical and medial distorted digital past.
experiments which baffle, irritate and question familiar visual and auditive habits, will be presented through an exhibition, concerts and multiple performances at this year SHINY TOYS.

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SHINY TOYS is a transdisciplinary art organization founded in 2010 . The basis of our activity is building a platform focusing on the production of new audiovisual performances and installations, providing educational workshops and creating publications as well as initiating a large number of multidisciplinary events.

SHINY TOYS promotes artists who use analog and digital technologies to explore and cross boundaries in sight & sound. Our aim is to look at a broad field of experimental audiovisual art, to tighten the links between audiovisual art, science, history, media art and digital culture.

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