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Music is the most powerful type of self-expression since the stone rocks and water flows. It’s hard to imagine a better ally in our fight with routine. But music without visualization becomes a challenge for our imagination. And now there’s a great opportunity for music, virtual or material art spheres, or just any person or organization to express own imagination through video art. It’s the way to make something clear or exciting, to sell something or to give something more than just a gift. Video art is the way to communicate by feelings and emotions.

That’s why we found some interesting facts for you, whether you are a video art specialist or newbie.

There are three video art types: real, virtual, and machinima.

It’s a great problem to classify this huge and uncontrolled sphere of video art. Despite all of classification criteria, we choose the simplest.

  • Real video art is based on real life, personalities, events or facts viewed through camera. It’s not a secret that there’s a huge number of tools available for correction and amplification of video we get. But nevertheless, it’s realistic and simple to perceive. We feel common sense of reality.

  • Virtual video art uses virtual 3D computer generated imagery (CGI) animation drawings as a base. This type of video art differs from the real type thanks to plenty of unreal or fairy tale details and funky physical laws, special space with some kind of simulated reality. The top of virtual video art skill is a masterpiece that copies reality with no difference for the human eye.

  • Machinima is a new level of virtual immersion. Nowadays, top video games choose the cinematographic reality with maximum level of gamer involvement. We can drown in those worlds based on new instruments of graphics and technologies. This “cinema killer” type can communicate with you in real-time. While you’re in machinima reality, you see a totally real picture with items, avatars and theirs shadows, movements, etc. Machinima is very complicated virtual video art with the most realistic effect.

So, we move forward to the most exciting part of video art development. We’ll see the rise of the Matrix-like virtual reality, where video technologies become an opportunity to feel a walk on the sand for those who had no chance to feel that in real life.

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