It’s hard to believe that even such simple home facility as a lamp may be a part of the light art. This video presents you the real thoughts of designers who have mostly no deal to powerful modern projectors or OLED-technologies, they just make beautiful items, that not only array the light, but take the control of shadows and darkness. They always think about space and surfaces, materials and structure. These designers are as jewellers of light whose make a simple example of microstructure for a bigger art installations and light shows.

SLAMP Milan Design Week 2015 – english subtitle from Slamp on Vimeo.

“..Dual presence for SLAMP at the Milan Design Week 2015.
At Euroluce, the biennial lighting show of the Salone del Mobile, nine new collections were presented in a world premiere, a perfect combination of LED technology and decorative elements, contextualised in a living room of 500 square meters which offered an intimate view of the new projects and Slamp’s design icons. Suggestions of light reached also the Milan Triennale, where during the Fuorisalone was presented the majestic Chandelier, 4m in diameter, designed by the artist Jacopo Foggini and created by Slamp. The stage piece, with colours that fade between the tones of white and blue, is part of the restyling project of the whole Art Theatre, and will remain the permanent protagonist of the space…”

Can anyone be sure that majestic chandelier made by Slamp and Jacopo Foggini will make the whole atmosphere of each performance and act like an alive creature from the future? Yes, of course. And it’s your turn, light-masters,to breath in the sense and life to these perfect forms designed with ideas and professional skills.

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