Download Halloween VJ Loops for 2021

Halloween a.k.a. All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is, initially an ancient Celtic ritual that becomes a yearly holiday and spread all over the modern Western world. Nowadays, we perceive Halloween like a regular themed holiday, the time of fear, to scare and be scared. But, the main purpose of dressing in costumes of monsters, ghost and other terrifying creatures was to scare the evil spirits, which every year at that day, October 31, gain a possibility to enter the world of alive. Spooky stuff, truly. Imagine yourself as a person living centuries ago. They actually believed in this. And scare stuff was not a fun, it was kind of a protective amulet. 

Now, in times of rationality, we know (at least we are sure for 99,9%) that there are no such things as spirits, ghosts, werewolves, etc. But a custom formed. So, why don’t imitate such terrifying atmosphere like in old days?

Modern technologies help us to decorate our surroundings as scary as we could. For example, decorate a thematic event with high quality creepy visuals. Your mind will know, that it’s just images, but your subconsciousness will be warned and terrified. That will create an appropriate goose bumps feeling.

That’s why we researched and collected the best options of spooky scary VJ Loops for you to download for following Halloween 2021 parties!

Halloween Video VJ Loops 2021:

Pandemic Dance by LIME ART GROUP

Of course, the scariest thing of the beginning of this decade – coronavirus. It scares out all the humanity. Behold this little pest in Ultra HD visuals. The horrifying view of a microscopic human slayer sweetened with a dance of beautiful blonde in face mask. Enjoy bloody-red strobing VJ Loops by LIME ART GROUP.


Deer Head Beats by VJ Loops Farm

Older generations and horror movie fans remember the classic slasher – Evil Dead 2 with room laughing and frightening laughing deer head scarecrow. Deer in this VJ loops aren’t laughing mindlessly, they are calmly hanging out on bright strobing backgrounds. But they do it terrifyingly calmly. Enjoy!

Firestarter by LIME ART GROUP

Behold the hell fire kaleidoscopic strobing visuals. Feel the heat of flames and rhythm of hell dance with this Full HD 60 fps VJ Loops. 

halloween vj loops

Halloween Girls by VJ Loops Farm

What a rave party could be without sexy dancing girls? This VJ loops contains a lot of seductively moving and dancing girls in themed Halloween costumes! Devils and demons on bloody-red strobing backgrounds! Perfect option for crazy party!

Skull Patterns by LIME ART GROUP

Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine! Decorate your party with tons of angry “smiling” skulls. Classic Halloween decoration!

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