Projection mapping has become mainstream within a few short years. By now, you’ve seen the exterior of buildings transformed all around the world from Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall. We are still only scratching the surface of what can be done with this new technology. You may be wondering, what’s the next step for projection mapping? The answer lies with Lumina Borealis in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Created by Moment Factory, one of the top innovators in map projection installations in the world, Lumina Borealis goes beyond watching an inanimate surface coming to life. This project is the fourth “night walk” created by Moment Factory and the first one during the winter season.

The idea behind the night walk is the space is not just standing in one spot, you continue on a journey which helps convey the story. Lumina Borealis was inspired by the simple feelings you get from winter, like snowball fights and wood burning stoves. Along your journey, guests encounter gorgeous illuminated fir trees, magical storytelling campfires (this is winter in Canada keep in mind), and interactive projection-mapping walls.

The interactive projections are the future of this medium of entertainment. Guests at Lumina Borealis can participate in songs where singing into a microphone affects the action happening on the screen in front of them in real time.

Most impressive, the finale of the temporary installation is truly ingenious. Patrons pick up “snowballs” and throw them against an interactive map projection wall to play a game. Once the objectives have been completed, players are rewarded with a unique finale show which looks absolutely spectacular.

While Lumina Borealis may be the fourth night walk from Moment Factory, it certainly won’t be their last. We eagerly anticipate their next installation and how they help pioneer this new medium forward.

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Images Copyright: Moment Factory

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